pet sitting santa clarita

pet sitting santa clarita

Why should you train your dog?

A well behaved dog is a joy to own but having a poorly trained and unresponsive dog in the household is a stressful situation for all involved. Obedience training can take an unruly, troublesome dog and help it become what it would like to be...a controlled, submissive and happy part of your family.

Obedience training cannot solve every problem, but it seeks to establish a basic hierarchy and leadership roles that your dog will come to understand and respect. The end result should be a dog that knows what is expected of it and an owner that knows how to communicate that clearly to their dog.

Training falls into two categories or approaches, depending on the result of the initial meeting and evaluation -

Daily sessions covering four to six weeks

I work with your dog first, just the two of us, then I work with you, the owner, to allow you to understand the techniques and commands. This allows you to continue the training on your own. I also include continued support on an as needed basis. This is the best approach for pet owners with a very busy schedule.

Classes last six weeks

I work with you and your dog together once a week at your location

Daily homework! It will require you to work with your dog 10 to 15 minutes, two times a day.