About Me

Puppies and Poppies

I have been in business for 20+ years, caring for, walking, and providing basic training to furry family members. I began this journey many years ago when I was asked to care for a family’s ranch and the animals there.  It was where my own horse was boarded so I said “Why not?”.  Things grew from there and I established a thriving pet sitting and dog walking business.

I few years ago I decided to focus on dog walking and training, and no longer pet sit.  I find the walking allows me to better bond with the dog and establish a happy relationship.  I have a very high energy dog at home that also demands my time, so I understand the needs of a dog to exercise and ‘get out there’!

I offer daily and/or weekly walks.  With everyone’s busy lives and schedules, our furry and fuzzy friends often fall short of having their needs met.  I can fill that gap!  An exercised and properly stimulated pup is a happy and content pup.


  • In business for 20+ years
  • Insured
  • CPR trained
  • Member of Pet Sitters International
  • Member of APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers)
  • Personalized care, love, and fun!